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Our Story

We are Ryan and Sharon, native New Englanders who have lived our entire lives in southeastern Massachusetts. Since 2008, we have traveled to some of the best BBQ cities in the United States to get inspiration and ideas for our own brand of seasonal sauces that reflect the spirit of the New England region.

Staying true to our local roots, we strive to bring you a truly original, New England-inspired experience unlike any you have feasted on before.

A Sauce Revolution is Born…

Our honeymoon road trip quickly became an 18-state, 28-day quest for great BBQ. We ate our way through the Carolinas, Virginia, Georgia, and Memphis – just to name a few!


  1. We loved to hit the open road

  2. Each region we visited had its own take on BBQ

  3. New England was missing out on the wondrous world of BBQ

It left us wondering, what was New England’s interpretation of BBQ? Had anyone ever considered New England-style BBQ?

With no clear definition of what New England BBQ was or could be, we settled in back home in southeastern Massachusetts and got down to business right in our own backyard with a smoked pork shoulder and a homemade batch of what would become our signature sauce: "Saweet Heat.”

This was the inspiration we needed. But we pondered, what makes New England unique? And we knew: the ever-changing New England seasons. 

How could we tie in the New England seasons and an amazing, exceptional BBQ experience?

We started to experiment with local flavors from our CSA share. Extra fruits and veggies were simply made into experimental BBQ sauces. We shared our tasty seasonal, locally-sourced sauces with our friends and family, and soon realized that maybe we were on to something.

For the next year and a half, we set out to local farmer’s markets throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island, slinging our New England inspired seasonal sauces. We were surprised to be the only vendor at the farmer’s markets selling sauces, and knew we had something special to offer. 

Whether you are straight up chicken and ribs, a vegetarian, have a gluten allergy, simply tired of monotonous cooking, or using store bought BBQ and cooking sauces, No Joke Smoke has something for everyone!. 

No Joke Smoke was born out of our love for BBQ and using seasonal, locally-sourced produce to bring you what we like to call New England’s version of BBQ. We invite you to try what you’ve been missing!


Our Team